Bumblebee Primer

Bumblebee Primer

First Edition V1.0

Bumblebee is an Excel Interop extension for Dynamo.

Bumblebee and Bumblebee Primer Project

This is an Open Source project and all code for both Bumblebee nodes as well as this primer can be found at GitHub.

Majority of Bumblebee was written by Konrad K Sobon, but also majority of it was either previously developed by David Mans, or was developed after some great brainstorming sessions with David.

More information about Bumblebee and other great Open Source projects can be found at my blog website: http://www.archi-lab.net

Also, thanks to folks at Grimshaw Architects for letting me work on this plug-in while there was usually plenty of projects in the office that could have used someone to move some toilets around. :-)

Software and Resources

Dynamo This plug-in was developed and tested with the Version 0.8.0.

UI++ is a plugin developed by Adam Sheather that allows you to select colors with great ease. You can see his ColorUI node used throughout this Primer. You can download UI++ from Package Manager.


A special thanks to David Mans for making such an awesome Excel Interop plug-in for Grasshopper that was not only an inspiration for this project but also a great resource and a learning tool. You can access David's website here: http://www.neoarchaic.net/

Also, special thanks to my crew at BadMonkey for doing some early Bumblebee implementation tests and being a great resource when developing better functionality. Yes, Adam, I am looking at you and your UI++ tool that is probably the best thing that happened to Dynamo in a while.